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Functional Fitness Workout Phase I with Mark Sentoshi Russo

Functional Fitness Workout

by Mark Sentoshi Russo 35 Lessons in ,

Take the first step to help increase your dynamic power, sense of balance, flexibility, and agility. You’ll build core strength and stability in addition to organizing and strengthening neural pathways that support effective unified movement, which is essential to proper To-Shin Do taijutsu. When done correctly, many of these exercises are deceptively challenging and will continue to serve you years into the future.

Winter Quest 2020

Winter Quest 2020

by Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt 24 Lessons in ,

An-Shu Stephen and An-Shu Rumiko Hayes teach at Chapel Hill's Winter Quest 2020 event. Learn insights to several of the Happo Biken Secrets of the Sword, how to intercept an aggressor's attack, time your defense to overcome their superior strength, and more.