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No matter where you train – at a dojo, in a training group or on your own – you strive to move forward in your understanding of the ninja martial arts.

The problem is, how can you be certain you are heading in the right direction? For continued improvement you know you need training structure and guidance to get the most from your efforts. The To-Shin Do organization’s leap into the use of modern technology allows you to have the connection, structure and guidance you need to become part of the Ninja Story.

Membership in To-Shin Do, which is included in every subscription level at NinjaSelfDefense.com, keeps you up to date with everything you need to progress with your training and certification. The organization is lead by the original American Ninja, Stephen K. Hayes, who brought the ninja arts to the western world in the 1980s and continues the tradition of adapting to modern times by making the historical concepts come alive for you today.

To-Shin Do Membership brings together like-minded individuals into a supportive group all working to better their life and the lives of those around them through the martial arts and mind sciences of the ninja. Online access to special content, private Facebook groups, and newsletters are just some of the benefits that bring you into the world of the ninja in the 21st century. You are always connected and informed.

If you love the martial arts and always wanted to be a Ninja, To-Shin Do membership is your pathway to certification and advancement. Stephen K. Hayes has introduced more people to the ninja arts than anyone else through his books, lectures and training. Now you can travel with him on this journey of discovery and understanding as a member of To-Shin Do.

Membership Benefits

Official membership in the To-Shin Do Kasumi-An organization gives you:  

  • Eligibility to earn and hold official rank in To-Shin Do.
  • Access to the private To-Shin Do Facebook group to participate in training discussions with your training partners and instructors from all over the world, including An-shu Stephen K. Hayes and his Shihan Kai: Mark Sentoshi Russo, James Kentoshi Norris, and Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney.
  • The To-Shin Do newsletter with upcoming events, features, images, and articles from An-shu Stephen K. Hayes and his Shihan Kai emailed to you each month.
  • Want even more? Augment your training with the best in the world at NinjaSelfDefense.com.


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