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About NinjaLife.tv

This is complete access to the phenomenal world of the real Ninja in the 21st century. When you’re talking about the best, you’re talking Ninja. When you’re talking Ninja in the real world, you’re talking Stephen K. Hayes and the art and science of To-Shin Do. Comprehensive fighting and self-defense skills, meditation and mind science coaching, traditional and improvised weapons, functional fitness and spirit training; the Ninja had it all, and so can you. This is it. For the first time ever. 24/7 access to the highest quality training anywhere.

Why We’re Here

A modern world demands modern approaches to the historical ninja techniques and training. That’s why there’s To-Shin Do. The world gets crazier every day. Life is tough and seems to be getting tougher. From the knowledge of the ninja you can find your own concepts of personal power and take charge of your life. Conflict happens. Verbal, physical, psychological and emotional, the Ninja had strategies and techniques for all of it. Stephen K. Hayes is the pioneer who brought the authentic Ninja Martial Arts and Mind Sciences to the West. He and his team of teachers have been practicing the Ninja secrets from Japan for decades. Sneaky and deceptive if necessary and flat out skilled to the max, the Ninja were unstoppable. That’s why they’re legend.

To-Shin Do

An-shu believes now is the time to share the knowledge of the Ninja with the world and let those destined to have it find us. He believes his original strategy of protecting access to the Ninja’s knowledge and limiting it to a few was the wrong approach. Too few finished the training. With his elite team he has developed and fine-tuned the skills and the training to better fit the modern world. This he calls To-Shin Do, the way of the heart and the sword. A strong and wise heart is needed to master the skills that are metaphorically represented by the symbol of the sword. Like the Ninja of old the To-Shin Do curriculum has it all, in plain English and in completely usable form.

Ninja Martial Arts

  • Complete unarmed self-defense
  • Historic and improvised weapons
  • Samurai and Ninja Sword training
  • Knife training
  • Handgun and rifle disarms
  • Ground fighting
  • And much, much more…

Body, Mind, and Spirit

  • Ninja Mind and Spirit Powers
  • Non-physical Conflict Management
  • Secrets of health restoration
  • Functional Fitness
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Training
  • Sanmitsu/Triple Secret Training
  • Energy channeling, the list goes on…

The Ninja Are Legend

Mind-blowing fighting skills, a focused mind and unbreakable spirit are all part of being Ninja. It’s all right here waiting for you, all day, every day, when and where you want it. Make the decision to change your life. Give yourself the ninja advantage. Learn how to recognize danger, stay safe, alter the situation and take charge of a conflict with your first course from NinjaLife.tv, The 5 Ds of Self-Defense, absolutely FREE. Why wait? Give it a try with no obligation.


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