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To-Shin Do Events

Midwest Black Belt Conference

Boulder, CO

Join instructors Scott Bragg, Rick Hansen, Derek Thompson, and Hardee Merritt May 19 – 21 at the Boulder Quest Center. Register here.

Mountain Quest 2023

Chapel Hill, NC

June 16-18, 2023

An-shu Rumiko Hayes Seminar

Cincinnati, OH

July 22-23, 2023

Ninja Gathering 2023

Dayton, OH

Join instructors Shane Stevens and Todd Norcross August 25 – 27. Visit Dayton Quest Martial Arts for more information.

Mid-Atlantic Black Belt Conference

Chapel Hill, NC

Join instructors Hardee Merritt, Scott Bragg, Bryan Griffin, and Hakim Isler November 4th & 5th. Visit Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts for more information.

Date(s) Location Event
May 19-21 Boulder, CO Black Belt Conference
Jun 16-18 Chapel Hill, NC Mountain Quest
Jul 22-23 Cincinnati, OH An-shu Rumiko Hayes
Aug 25-27 Dayton, OH Ninja Gathering 2023
Nov 4-5 Chapel Hill, NC Black Belt Conference