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Rumiko Hayes

An-shu Rumiko Urata Hayes embodies the elegant deadliness of the kunoichi lady ninja. A masterful teacher, she moves and dances among attackers twice her size, effortlessly controlling and frustrating them as her defense. Her native Japanese cultural understanding, health and wellness restoration teachings, and ability to coach people to fully actualize their potential will take you to new heights. “Amazing” is most often what people say when watching An-shu Rumiko in To-Shin Do action.

Courses by Rumiko Hayes

Ryu Tai Dragon Body Ninja Yoga

We can stimulate the body’s three purifying systems of lymph, blood circulation and digestion using Ryu Tai’s scientific system of gentle twists, stretches and pressure-point exercises to enhance, restore, and regenerate our health, suppleness, mental clarity and longevity.

Kunoichi Seminar

An-shu Rumiko Hayes offers a workshop on kunoichi principles, techniques, philosophies and strategies that help smaller people defeat much larger and stronger attackers.

Secrets of the Kunoichi

Want to know why this is the perfect martial art for women? Look no further. An-shu Rumiko Hayes teaches you why size and speed don’t matter, and how you can defeat larger, stronger attackers.

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