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“I am now double inspired to build the beautiful To-Shin Do legacy we are all creating. You with me, too?”
Stephen K. Hayes

Where Do I Start?

Our free Ninja Startup Kit explains everything you need to understand to begin training. New students can jump right in with our expert-curated Begin Your Journey playlist. If you’ve already been training, you can continue your journey with our From White Belt to Black Belt playlist.

Ninja Startup Kit Train: Begin Your Journey Train: From White Belt to Black Belt

Courses and Playlists

Easily pick up where you left off or check out what’s new. There are many ways to find your next course:

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Guided Learning

Not sure where to start amongst all the great courses available? Guided Learning playlists give you course recommendations based on your individual learning goals.

Begin Your JourneyFrom White Belt to Black Belt

Learn by Rank

Go deep into each rank level’s concepts with these courses designed to pull out the principles within the To-Shin Do curriculum.

Earth Water Fire WindVoid 1st to 2nd Degree 2nd to 3rd Degree 3rd to 4th Degree4th to 5th Degree 5th to 6th Degree Teaching Courses

Learn by Category

Jump right to courses that dive deep into these four areas:

Unarmed Weapons Health and Wellness Ground Fighting

Learn by Instructor

While we encourage you to learn from all of our instructors, you an always jump directly to all the courses for any particular teacher:

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Rank Testing

Want to evaluate for belt rank in To-Shin Do? Whether you are a new online subscriber or a To-shi level student you will find what you need for testing here. First, you need to understand the To-Shin Do ranks and what they mean. Second, you’ll need to understand how to evaluate. Are you a Black Belt? Make sure you register with the Hombu, which is necessary to achieve advanced Black Belt levels. To test for 3rd Degree Black Belt and higher, you’ll need to submit an evaluation application.

More Training Options

Take your training to the next level by experiencing To-Shin Do in person at upcoming events or by training with a local instructor. Additionally, you can get more out of your online training with online privates, video feedback and webinars.