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“I am now double inspired to build the beautiful To-Shin Do legacy we are all creating. You with me, too?”
Stephen K. Hayes

Where Do I Start?

Our free Ninja Startup Kit explains everything you need to understand to begin training. New students can jump right in with our expert-curated Begin Your Journey playlist. If you’ve already been training, you can continue your journey with our From White Belt to Black Belt playlist.

Ninja Startup Kit Train: Getting Started Train: From White Belt to Black Belt

Courses and Playlists

Easily pick up where you left off or check out what’s new. There are many ways to find your next course:

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Guided Learning

Not sure where to start amongst all the great courses available? Guided Learning playlists give you course recommendations based on your individual learning goals.

This Month’s Training Getting Started From White Belt to Black Belt





More Training Options

Take your training to the next level by experiencing To-Shin Do in person at upcoming events or by training with a local instructor. Additionally, you can get more out of your online training with online privates, video feedback and webinars.