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Kata Maki and Ude Garami Applications

Kata Maki and Ude Garami Applications

“Kata Maki”, “single wrap” or “shoulder wrap”, is a training exercise from the Koto Ryu family style of kop-pojutsu. In the execution of this technique, you can attack the opponent’s shoulder by wrapping up or entangling one of their arms to injure, takedown, or incapacitate them.

“Ude Garami” can be defined as “entangled arm” and is a family of techniques that attack the elbows or shoulders of your opponent, utilizing the leverage provided by the bend in their arm. Our Oni-Kudaki, Musha-Dori, Americana, Kimura, and Omoplata techniques all fit into this category.

For our new course Kata Maki and Use Garami Applications, Kata Maki and Ude Garami concepts are our guides as Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt explore standing self-defense responses and ne-waza (ground-based) submission attacks.

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