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The Unopened Gift

There are people who like to keep things in their original package and never open them. I have friends who do this with toys. They have kept them for years unopened as part of their collection.

I’m more a Toy Story type of person, I want to play with the toy. If I could I would take them apart to see how they work. I understand that their value isn’t the same as the unopened one but I was more interested in them for the experience not as a collection.

Martial arts kata are like this also. There are some people who want to collect them and do the movements exactly like they were shown. They strive to duplicate the kata to perfection. If that’s what they like great.

Again I’m more interested in the experience of the kata. Like a gift I’m going to rip open the packaging, take it out and experience it. And if possible I’m going to take it apart and find out why it works. For me figuring out why each part of the kata has a specific effect on the attacker and discovering the science of why it works is the real gift.

This is what we do in Ninja Lab. We take apart the kata and look at all the parts then try to put it back together again or create something new with the ideas in it.

The kata Anshu has given us are gifts but they hold even greater gifts inside them if you’ll just take the time to open them.

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