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Building Brand Identity

Some students have expressed concern over the relative lack of recognition of the identity of To-Shin Do. After being around for almost 30 years, people still have a hard time recognizing our martial art by name.

But can you blame them? Next time you are suited up to train, look down at your left chest panel of your do-gi jacket. Do you see a To-Shin Do crest patch there, either a participant crest or instructor ranking crest? If you see nothing, that may be part of the reason that we are not more recognized.

Let’s make a campaign where all of us wear the To-Shin Do crest patch on every one of our do-gi training suits. Take pride in your martial art. Show your affiliation off to the world. “I am To-Shin Do!”

Sure, I realize that very few people know how to sew these days. Maybe that is your excuse as to why you do not wear the crest patch. Could not get it on there. But there is fabric glue, professional alteration services, and even some relative who does know how to sew that patch crest on for you.

If we are going to make a statement about what our art is and what it stands for, that begins with the minimal act of displaying the To-Shin Do crest patch on our suit jacket. Tell everyone who you are by what you are practicing. Please join us in representing our To-Shin Do art in its fullness to the public.

To order your crest patch, click here.

One Response to Building Brand Identity

  1. Mark H September 22, 2023 at 7:42 pm #

    Dear Sir, Velcro has worked well for me.( You can pull the patches so they don’t fade in the wash.)

    Mark Henley

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