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Russ Nemhauser

Russ had a mission after earning his 1st Degree Black Belt in To-Shin Do in 2010: to provide every individual with easy access to the best training material so they can understand and progress. NinjaSelfDefense.com is the manifestation of that. Partnering with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes and the Shihan Kai, Russ strives to make life mastery attainable to anyone in the world through To-Shin Do training.

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Ground Flow Workshop

In this new Ground Flow Workshop, Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt shares hard-earned personal insights into the secrets contained in this kata and the context behind each step. Adding this drill to your practice can go a long way toward helping you prioritize movements and understanding your options on the ground. With competency in this realm, you […]

Kata Maki and Ude Garami Applications

“Kata Maki”, “single wrap” or “shoulder wrap”, is a training exercise from the Koto Ryu family style of kop-pojutsu. In the execution of this technique, you can attack the opponent’s shoulder by wrapping up or entangling one of their arms to injure, takedown, or incapacitate them. “Ude Garami” can be defined as “entangled arm” and […]

Nine-Kamae Long Bo Sequence

We’re thrilled to announce this brand new course by Mark Sentoshi Russo. Nine-Kamae Long Bo Sequence will get you well on your way to proficiency with the rokushaku bo (6 foot staff). You will learn the nine fundamental postures along with basic and advanced striking skills. By completing this course you will not only develop […]

Guest Contributor: Bryan Toutoshi Griffin

Hello Ninja Friends! This month we are delighted to share a wonderful piece by our friend Bryan Toutoshi Griffin, owner of Quest Martial Arts Raleigh. Originally posted on his web site at questraleigh.com, we felt that Bryan’s experiences gave him a fascinating point of view. Thank you for sharing Bryan!

Our New Instructors

I’m proud to announce that we have two new instructors offering great courses on NinjaSelfDefense.com this month! Hair Grab Defenses by Helen Jotoshi Russo will teach you how to leave an attacker more focused on their own injury, giving you time to escape or defend further if necessary. Master Russo guides you clearly step by […]

Summer, Here We Come!

Summer starts June 21st, and we’re working hard to make sure everyone has lots of new online training to keep them busy as we head towards Fall Festival. In May we launched two courses, a seminar called “Cover Creates Control” by Shihan Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney, and a new course called “Exploring Gyaku Nage” by Shihan Mark […]

Buckle Up!

NinjaSelfDefense.com is about to undergo three significant improvements, and we couldn’t be more excited. The first will make the site much faster. The second will significantly upgrade our look and feel. And the third will introduce some amazing new features to help you track your progress as you learn. We’ll make more formal announcements at […]

We’re Growing Fast!

To all of our NinjaSelfDefense.com subscribers, The response to NinjaSelfDefense.com has been overwhelmingly positive! People like you have helped make a little experiment more popular than we planned for at the present time. We are happy to announce that we’re upgrading our platform to be better prepared to accommodate this enormous growth. Some key improvements […]

Festival 34 is Almost Here!

Festival is just two weeks away! This year in Raleigh, the hotel is so close to the airport and other restaurants that there’s no need to rent a car. And with lunch covered both days, along with a free continental breakfast as part of your $119 special room rate, there are almost no meals to […]

Ninja Festival 2014

This year An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ Ninja Festival will be held September 26-28 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have some exciting things planned, including some in-depth sessions from all three Shihan. Black Belt Workshop Friday September 26th, from 1:00 to 3:30pm, An-shu Stephen K. Hayes gives an advanced seminar. Train with An-shu Stephen, An-shu Rumiko, […]