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November’s To-Shin Do Curriculum

This month To-Shin Do explores several key principles and techniques.

  • For our Level 1 students, you’ll explore how to exploit the gift of your attacker’s momentum and how to skillfully applied proper alignment overpowers bigger bodies.
  • Level 2 is in Fire mode this month, exploring vectors, intercepting, angles, using gravity to accelerate in unexpected ways to throw off your attacker.
  • Our Level 3 students will be working on defending against a big, heavy haymaker as well as an important shoulder lock technique.
  • For Level 4, it’s all about the bullet this month. Bullet Hand and Bullet Finger, to be precise.
  • In Level 5 we’ll work on shocking our aggressor to disrupt and take advantage of the opportunity, in addition to our scheduled sword work.

Please train safely!

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