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Workshop Webinars

You see a seminar on the schedule that you would love to attend. The subject matter of this event is something you always wanted to learn. But you can’t make it to the seminar for whatever reason. With Workshop Webinars from NinjaSelfDefense.com you can. You can attend via the internet.

Check the list, pick a date and time that fits your schedule and join the training online. The technology is up to date and easy to use. Each week Stephen K. Hayes and the Shihan Kai use the exact same technology to continue to develop and improve NinjaSelfDefense.com

Workshop Webinars at NinjaSelfDefense.com give you the opportunity to experience training with Stephen K. Hayes and the Shihan Kai without having to travel to them. You can attend the workshops whenever they are offered from wherever you are via the NinjaSelfDefense.com. You get direct in the moment transmission of the principles and concepts that make up the Ninja Martial Arts.

Watch online while training with friends, connect and become part of the Ninja Story. Feel a sense of community, excitement and new determination to take your training even further as you practice the new concepts discovered at each event.

For more than 30 years Stephen K. Hayes has hosted the annual Ninja Festival along with numerous other seminars around the world. The man who introduced the Ninja to the western world is now using the tools of the modern world to bring the lessons of the Ninja to even more people.

It is simple to take advantage of, just check the listings and sign up to participate. The adventure is only a click of your mouse away.

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