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You’re watching all the video lessons and training with your friends. You’re getting results but you feel like you need something more. Online Privates can be the answer. They allow you to get specific answers to your questions from Stephen K. Hayes and his team of qualified ninja instructors.

The same question keeps coming up in your training. You been working on the concept and no matter how many times you try it just doesn’t click for you. You know all you need is a nudge in the right direction and you would take off with your training.

You set the time, you set up your computer and there is Stephen K. Hayes or one of the Shihan Kai waiting to help you. You pose a question and with a smile they say try this…

And off you go to new levels of understanding.

Get advanced answers and training tips specifically for you from the senior most teachers in To-Shin Do. You get the answers you want and need, when you need them without having to travel. Speeding up your training progress.

“My private lesson was awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My brain overloaded just 5 minutes into the session. It will take me months if not longer to assimilate all the material conveyed and may I say, what a happy task that is going to be.” Ian Robinson in CA

You’re already training either at a dojo or online and you want more answers. Online training gives you the ability to get those answers.

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