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  • Quotes About Nothing

    At the To-Shin Do Ninja Festival this year I taught a session on Saturday morning. For me, the session was very fun and humbling because of how much effort everyone put in to learning the ideas. We looked at arm positions which allow you to move and strike with great power while expending very little […]

  • Manners and The Martial Arts

    To say that manners are a lost art in our society today would be an understatement. Rudeness runs rampant but do we still need manners? Most martial arts still practice some form of manners but the reasons for it may surprise you. Manners were a form of self-defense. In feudal Japan there was no law […]

  • Lose to Win

    When practicing kata or techniques very often students rush “to do” the technique without understanding why the kata or technique exists. Kata in our system are reenactments of battles or are they are drills created to pass on principles of survival. They provide answers to situations that teach lessons to us. They are not things […]

  • Ninja Lab

    Locked inside kata and techniques are the secrets of the martial arts. You can not just memorize kata if you want to be a martial artist, you have to experience them. Ninja Lab shows you how to use martial science to unlock the hidden concepts within and discover the martial arts.

  • Do You Have A Question?

    Mr. Hayes often reminds us at training seminars that we should have a personal training question we are trying to answer. I have found many people have a difficult time with this idea. They ask things like, “Can you show me this kamae?” or “I want to learn about this historical ryu.” or “How do […]

  • Body Position For Fundamental Movement And Striking

    The Ninja concept of body position, what we call Kamae, and the use of gravity create a smooth powerful way of moving and striking that is difficult to perceive but highly effective. When used together the Ninja achieves Ken Tai Ichi Jo, body and weapon become one.

  • Effortless Throws

    Effortless Throws

    The Ninja can accomplish their goals without the need to use physical force. In this session from Ninja Festival, Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney shows you how to use gravity to off balance and throw your opponent effortlessly.

  • Safe and Realistic Training

    Safe and Realistic Training

    Double your martial understanding in half the time. Learn to be a good uke (attacker). The role of the attacker is one of the most misunderstood aspects of martial arts training. This course teaches you how to be a realistic attacker and accelerate your learning with every punch you throw.

  • Surviving Multiple Attackers on the Ground

    Surviving Multiple Attackers on the Ground

    Think you can’t win against three attackers when you’re on the ground? Think again. Join Master Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney as he teaches techniques and principles to defend yourself in a three-on-one attack.