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  • SciTaiTech Bojutsu

    Welcome to SciTaiTech Bojutsu. SciTaiTech stands for science and taijutsu technology. In these courses we will apply the science and taijutsu principles from the Matrix of Martial Arts course series to different skill sets. This course will look at bojutsu principles and bofuri.

  • Ready, Willing and Listening?

    I recently asked in our To-Shin Do Facebook group, what training question are you trying to get answered at this year’s Ninja Festival. This question is something An-shu Hayes is constantly reminding us to have so that we take responsibility for our training and keep progressing. But a conversation I had with some students made […]

  • Matrix Of Martial Arts Reloaded

    Part Three of the Matrix of Martial Arts Course Series: Welcome to the Matrix of Martial Arts Reloaded. In the original Matrix of Martial Arts course you learned a martial intelligence formula for Ninja Taijutsu: the physical process of trying to take control with kamae in order to achieve our goals while maximizing options and […]

  • SciTaiTech Aruki

    Welcome to SciTaiTech Aruki. SciTaiTech stands for science and taijutsu technology. In these courses we will apply the science and taijutsu principles from the Matrix of Martial Arts course to different skill sets. This course will look at Ninja methods of walking and movement.

  • Anniversary, Reward Or Obligation

    Festival is coming soon and with it the ability to test for upper ranks. I always find it interesting to see the different attitudes about belt ranking and promotions. There are as many perspectives as there are people but I’ve noticed three, categories if you will, of how people see their rank. The first, and […]

  • Martial Arts Magic

    I read a book recently called Spellbound by David Kwong, a magician and New York Times crossword puzzle constructor. In it he describes illusion as an ancient art that centers on control: it is the ability to command a room (situation), build anticipation, and appear to work wonders. Illusion works because the human brain is […]

  • Train Your Mind To Train

    Advances in neuroscience are making it possible to understand how our minds function. I like to use these modern science discoveries to put into perspective our ancient wisdom. The interesting part of studying these discoveries, to me, is that they continue to confirm concepts from our art, like Taizokai and Kongkai perspectives. When you train with […]

  • Front and Center

    An important concept in our art is the ability to take the attacker’s center from them to control the situation. At our recent seminar with An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes, An-shu Rumiko was demonstrating an angling defense against a punch and then moving in taking the attacker’s center. She did a number of variations taking the […]

  • A Lawyer And A Scientist Walk Into Your Brain...

    Okay if you read the title and thought I was going to tell you a ‘walk into a bar’ joke your lawyer took over and you’re half way to understanding my post. As you can see it says ‘brain’ not ‘bar’ above. Now we need the other half, your scientist, to keep going. I was […]

  • Get Good First

    I saw an advertisement online offering comedy lessons with Steve Martin. In the opening of the promotional video he says he was talking to students and they were asking him things like how do I get an agent, where can I get my headshots and he thought to himself, shouldn’t the first thing to be […]

  • A Different Perspective

    Many people try to learn kata or techniques by memorizing them. Then they combine that with body strength and speed and believe they have what they need. Unfortunately stength and speed are fleeting and memorized kata are not the art. The art is hidden in perception. The kata are learning tools that transmit the understanding […]

  • Another Layer

    I had friends come down from Quebec Canada for some private training. They are very devoted practitioners, who every few months, drive over seven hours to train for almost eight hours then turn around and drive back. Each time they come we explore what they know to find what they don’t know. These are never […]

  • Going Through The Motions

    Last week we spent alot of time at our dojo working on being a good attacker and throwing real punches at our training partners. Although this doesn’t sound like it would be difficult, from beginning student to highest ranked practitioner, all had a difficult time with this. From my perspective they were all just going […]

  • Teaching Taijutsu

    January will be my 25th anniversary teaching taijutsu. My teacher, Mark Davis, had me start a training group for some people, who couldn’t make it to Boston, in New Hampshire in January 1992. I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue what I was doing as a teacher at that time. It was okay […]

  • Humble Path to Excellence

    It’s always interesting to watch people at festival, new and experienced, while watching a lesson on stage have that moment of what just happened up there. They see something done by An-shu Stephen or An-shu Rumiko and stare in amazement. You hear them ask how did they do that and say it looks like magic. […]