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Ninja Lab

Imagine a kata to be a small antique box that has locks on the outside. The box is decorated and quite beautiful. Many people collect these boxes, each one being different from the others but still quite beautiful, and store them on a shelf called memory.

They will take a box off a shelf and look at it or clean it and then put it back up on the shelf. Sometimes they will take a sample of their boxes to a convention to show them off to others who have come to share and compare their boxes too.

Because these antique boxes are so beautiful most have never considered opening these locked boxes. But inside these boxes are the real gift, the boxes are just the wrappings.

Locked inside kata and techniques are the secrets of the martial arts. You can not just memorize kata if you want to be a martial artist, you have to experience them. Ninja Lab shows you how to use martial science to unlock the hidden concepts within and discover the martial arts.


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