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  • Focus Tug-Of-War

    You’re focussed on your training partner and suddenly they throw a jab at your head, your eyes follow the punch in, your hands come up and make contact with the striking arm and for a moment your brain celebrates. Then you feel their other hand bash into you, you never saw it coming. What just […]

  • Taijutsu Has No Gender

    I have been quietly watching from the sidelines the much needed discussion about gender in the martial arts and in particular our martial art. Which is why I deferred to my friends Theresa Murphy and Amy Tiemann last month for their well written article. Up to this point I haven’t said much publicly about the […]

  • Everybody On The Mat

    A question was raised at Festival that required a woman’s touch. So this month I’m going to step aside and let you read a very important post from my friends. -Fuutoshi Everybody On The Mat: Inclusivity Through The Lens of Kunoichi Women Warriors By Theresa Murphy and Amy Tiemann We highly value the benefits of […]

  • Focus

    The ability to stay focussed in a violent situation on the presesent moment is often the determining factor in surviving. The development of this focus is the main point of all of our training. The problem is that we have three attention/focus systems in us that are constantly vying for control of our focus. The […]

  • Do Nothing 2

    Do Nothing 2 continues with the ideas from Do Nothing To Win and shows how the basic movements of a jab and cross punch can be used to power everthing else we have so that you can still do nothing.

  • May I Have Your Attention Please?

    Have you noticed how difficult it can be at times to maintain your focus and attention while training? Your thoughts wander and you seem to have no control over them. Well it turns out there is an actual battle going on in your head for your attention. The primary criterion our minds use to decide […]

  • Unleash Your Potential...Energy

    Let’s go geek and talk about energy. Now I’m not talking about blue lightening coming out of my fingers (although that would be cool) or new age, can you feel the energy all around us type thing, I’m talking science. Kinetic energy and potential energy. Now before we get started the reason I’m doing this […]

  • Fit To Fight?

    I want to talk about the current craze that you have to be stronger to be a good fighter. Let’s get right to the point it’s not true. Anyone who has seen Mrs. Hayes throw me around like a toy should know this. Mrs. Hayes is incredibly fit and healthy and strong for her size […]

  • Santo Tonko Today

    From Ninja Festival 2018 this Master Level Course takes a modern look, based on Ucan LIVE Safe, at the principles found in Santo Tonko no Kata from Togakure Ryu.

  • Letting Them Down Easy - Ninja Ground Fighting

    In this Master Level Seminar we look at the beginnings of Ninja Ground Fighting, a very different perspective then what is currently considered ground fighting. This course looks at ways of taking your opponent to the ground under control so that there is no opening for them to fight back from the ground.

  • Strength and Compassion

    Back in the 1990s a timid, thin, young math teacher walked into the Boston Martial Arts Center and began training with us. Many doubted he would last but he not only lasted he earned a black belt from my teacher Mark Davis. His transformation from fear to confindence and capability was one of greatest changes […]

  • Sword Grip Seminar

    Historical weapons, like those today, had specific grips depending on their functional use. A naginata handle is different from that of yari for a reason. In this Sword Grip Seminar you will look at one type of sword grip and how your taijutsu improves immediately just by using it.

  • What's the rush?

    Festival 2018 is coming (very excited) and everyone is getting ready for testing. I had a number of conversations recently about testing and I have to ask: What is the rush? At this point I had planned to discuss some of the issues about the differences between when you started training and how much actual […]

  • Shizen No Kamae

    All Kamae are Shizen No Kamae with an attitude. In this seminar you look at how the natural body position of Shizen No Kamae powers all kamae and movement. You learn how it controls all of your weapons, creates cover and even tells you when to strike naturally.

  • Matrix Of Martial Arts Revolutions

    Matrix Of Martial Arts Revolutions is the last course in the Matrix of Martial Arts Series. Here there is no spoon and there is no separation between attacker and defender. There is only the moments of the conflict which start before the fight and don’t end until control is restored. Welcome to the Revolution.