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  • The Illusion of You

    If I were to ask you how much do you think your life will change in the next 10 years, would it be a lot or a little? Most people think that they will change very little. However if I were to ask you how much has your life changed in the past 10 years […]

  • Celebrate Mistakes

    Our society has moved toward an educational system that promotes test prep and regurgitation of information. Teachers prepare students to take tests by showing only the material that is on the test so that the students get it right and score well. This creates students who only want to be shown what they need to […]

  • Thank You

    This weekend as you have already read there was a special training seminar at the home of An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes. It was an amazing event and I wanted to thank everyone who assisted in making it all possible. First and foremost An-shu Stephen and Ruiko Hayes for opening their home, hearts, and heads […]

  • What You Think You See

    Go to a mirror and stand close so you can see your eyes. Now move your eyes so you are looking at your left eye then back to your right eye and continue to repeat being aware that you are physically moving your eyes. You will feel your eyes moving but what will you see? […]

  • NLX Wind Defense vs Straight Punch

    Welcome to NLX Wind Defense vs Straight Punch. NLX stands for Ninja Lab eXplores where we use the process from the course, Ninja Lab, to look at individual kata from our curriculum and unlock the hidden principles within them. In this course we look at a green belt kata, wind defense vs a straight punch.

  • Tuesday March 1st

    Every year at the holidays I seem to always receive a desk calendar as a gift. You know the ones with something written on it for each day. This year I got Insight from the Dalai Lama and on Tuesday March 1st this was the quote from His Holiness. How do we overcome  ignorance, by […]

  • Beyond The Belt

    Why are you training? Think about that for awhile and we’ll get back to it. If you are involved in martial arts teaching sooner or later you have the conversation about why so many people quit training after they get their black belt. The answer I think depends on what you believe a black belt […]

  • SciTaiTech Striking

    Welcome to SciTaiTech Striking. SciTaiTech stands for science and taijutsu technology. In these courses we will apply the science and taijutsu principles from the Matrix of Martial Arts course to different skill sets. This course will look at striking.

  • How To Be A Good Training Partner

    This is one of the most important areas of our training and one of the things that sets our training apart from other martial arts. While training in To-Shin Do you are not working on memorizing a series of movements that can be done by yourself. You are learning to understand the cause and effect […]

  • Edge of Training

    There’s a Tom Cruise movie that came out in 2014 called Edge of Tomorrow. IMDb describes it as: A military officer is brought into an alien war against an extraterrestrial enemy who can reset the day and know the future. When this officer is enabled with the same power, he teams up with a Special […]

  • Do Nothing To Win

    Do Nothing To Win uses Inashi Gata, a training drill from the historical tradition of Koto Ryu Koppojutsu, to show how proper alignment of your weapons in kamae is more effective than muscular force. And if there is some music playing makes for a great line dance…

  • Context

    One of the difficulties that English speaking people have when they try to learn the Japanese language is that it is a situational language. How you speak in Japanese depends on the context of the situation. You can’t just translate word for word back and forth from English to Japanese. For example to simply say […]

  • Failure Is Not An Option - It Is A Requirement

    We are in a time where everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. Where everyone has the ability to spout whatever he or she want about a subject whether they are qualified to or not. Where parents yell at teachers because their child didn’t get an A+ for C- work. Where people want only […]

  • Teaching not Telling

    In January of 1992 I started a training group at the request of my teacher Mark Davis. He told me that teaching this art is about creating an experience for the student so that they discover the principle you are trying to teach them on their own. Take a moment to understand that statement. Teaching […]

  • Harnessing Hidden Power

    Shihan Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney presents how to use your kamae and alignment to create hidden power. This course was filmed at An-shu’s 35th Annual Ninja Festival in Dayton, Ohio.