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Appreciate Each Moment

In the days leading up to the annual Fall Festival, I enjoy seeing all the social media posts of people from all over the world beginning their travels to Dayton, Ohio for a special weekend of training.

I enjoying seeing everyone’s excitement because it reminds me of all the wonderful training to come in a few days. But also because it reminds me of how lucky I’ve been to spend so much time training with my teacher over the years. Which in turn reminds me to appreciate each training moment because despite living just a few miles away, life gets busy and I don’t get to train with my teacher as often as I like these days.

When you’re training, whether at Festival or elsewhere, be sure to appreciate every moment of the training. Not just because life gets busy or goes by fast, but because not appreciating the training equals not really paying attention the the valuable lessons, not focusing on how to get something important from each and every moment. Just logging in a lot of repetition often means getting better by accident. Or worse, becoming a mindless robot that can only respond correctly if a very specific set of circumstances appear. Instead, get better on purpose! Pay attention to each moment of training, appreciate that this moment has something of value. Sometimes that means we have to work to help create that value by focusing on a specific skill. Sometimes it means digging deep to find a valuable nugget because we were feeling sloppy or disconnected, or otherwise out of sorts. That’s okay too. Appreciate the struggle.

A movie is passive entertainment. A passive life is much less entertaining. Or so I’ve always felt anyway. So work to appreciate and create value in each moment of training.

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