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Get Angry to Get Focused

Do not get mad at conditions in your life. That is pointless. What a waste of time and energy. Get mad about your reluctance to do something about those conditions.

If you are not just a little bit angry about your condition — the shape you are in, the way you look, how you fit into your clothes, how you are doing economically, how your skills play out in the dojo, how people relate to you, how life is treating you — you will probably never change anything.

Anger can produce valuable energy to get things done. But you have to convert it into focused resolute committed zeal. Anger with things or other people, on the other hand, is a simple waste of energy.

The moment your anger is transformed into determination, you have gained power. You have clarity, focus, concentration, and a will to succeed. Most importantly, you have high levels of forward-moving energy.

You are red hot, fired up, and ready to do something to change your condition.

If you want to win – you can start with anger. Transmute your anger into focused commitment — and you are off to personal betterment.

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  1. Sean December 1, 2018 at 4:03 pm #

    What an Awesome Passage! I really needed to read that! Thanks Steve! You do really great things( Your whole team does), Glad I found this😀

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