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Are You Breathing?

When you are training, are you breathing? Seems like a silly question, you may think of course I am, but are you?

If you tense up doing a kata or technique
If you lose your focus during training
If you start thinking about what you should do
If you feel yourself rushing ahead to the next thing in the kata
If the attack seems to be coming at you very fast
If you forget what you’re doing
If you get overwhelmed

All of these are signs that you are not breathing properly.

Breathing connects our awareness to our bodies
Breathing connects us to gravity
Breathing connects our focus to our goal
Breathing connecst us to our intent
Breathing can even connect us to the attacker

So the next time you train be aware of your breathing. At first don’t try to do anything with it just be aware of it while you are training. See if you get different results.

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