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1981 Interview with An-shu – 37 Years Later, Still Valid?

The following comes from a 1981 issue of Kick Illustrated magazine. I had some pretty bold and controversial opinions 37 years ago. How does this read today? I think I am still saying the same thing!

Another area that Hayes feels is sadly neglected in current martial arts training is contemporary weapons. He stresses that modern everyday weapons like clubs and knives, and not antique farming tools and battlefield implements, are what today’s martial artist will have to defend against or utilize in a defensive clash. Weapons used more frequently in Hayes’ training include a walking-cane length stick, a utilitarian single-edged field knife, and a short length of tough cord with knotted ends. All of these weapon types are readily available in the average home and do not attract undue attention when not in use, hence their value to Hayes.

“If you look at the truly important underlying lessons of history without getting caught up in the surface manifestations, you can understand that the real value and effectiveness of the historical weapons, whether Okinawan farming tools or Chinese war tools or ninja concealed tool/weapons, lie not in the perfection of skills with 300-year-old primitive implements. The lesson is the realization that effective weapons are all around us in everyday articles. If your goal is to be effective in today’s surroundings, why not put away the museum pieces and get involved in what is available today? The historical trappings are fun, and remind us of our heritage, but should not become the focus of the training.”

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  1. Chad January 31, 2018 at 6:33 pm #

    I 100% agree, when I was in the military we did not use antiquated flint lock weapons when confronting the enemy, we used modern weapons.

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