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Thank You

This weekend as you have already read there was a special training seminar at the home of An-shu Stephen and Rumiko Hayes. It was an amazing event and I wanted to thank everyone who assisted in making it all possible.

First and foremost An-shu Stephen and Ruiko Hayes for opening their home, hearts, and heads to so warmly welcome us and lead us through such a transformative training experience.

Next to Mark Sentoshi Russo and James Kentoshi Norris for the opportunity to train with such skilled partners and good friends. That sentiment continues for all the participants at the event who gave their energy and sweat (it was hot) to the training to help make it a wonderful experience.

To my two senior students, Derek Thompson and Theresa Murphy, for the opportunity for the three of us to train together and continue to move forward on this wonderful journey.

To Paul Molinsky for taking all the fantastic pictures of the event and finally to Darryl Brazee for all the work and support in the background he did to make this event happen.

A sincere thank you to all and I look forward to the next time we can do this.

Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney

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