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How to Qualify to Run a To-Shin Do Training Group

Licensed Instructors, as you know, we have very few requirements governing your participation as head of a To-Shin Do club or school. You pay us nothing to have a school or club. We charge you minimal amounts for certain services (namely diplomas and logo-use).

The following are not new points. Most people have been observing these since 1996. But it might be good to state them once again just to be clear.

As you are a trained representative of our martial art, I cheerfully agree to honor you with the privilege of representing us in your community. You are granted:

1. The right to teach To-Shin Do

2. The right to study and advance in your To-Shin Do skill and rank

3. Use of our decades-old but constantly-reevaluated curriculums from White Belt through 8th Degree Black Belt

4. Right to award To-Shin Do belts and diplomas

5. Right to advertise your school or club with the following line:
“Proud to be an affiliate school teaching Stephen K. Hayes’ Quest Center To-Shin Do self-defense martial art!”

In exchange for the rights above, you agree to honor us with the following:

Teach our curriculum
Be sure you have the latest version of our curriculum from the Hombu. Teach all classes from that. There is no need at all to “write your own curriculum”. You are encouraged to follow Level 1 curriculum by giving every new member a copy of the book The Ninja Defense with its 12 fights with a partner and with striking pads, and DVD showing all the fights in action. Next, give Level 2 students a copy of the Tuttle book Ninja Fighting Techniques.

Use our colored belt system
From White Belt to 8th Degree Black Belt, we have a set way to progress. Be sure to follow our lead. There is no need to “design your own belt color system”. The belt colors reflect the 5 elements, and have been designed on purpose.

Use our To-Shin Do crest patches on the left front panel of your suits
Hombu can supply To-Shin Do crest patches at quantity wholesale discount. These go on the left front panel of your training suit. You may also award 1-star Coach, 2-star Trainer, and 3-star Instructor crests in your dojo to those persons who have completed our Coach and Trainer authorized programs. 4-star Kan-Shi Dojo-Cho crests are awarded by the Hombu only.

Award our diplomas
Every student gets an authentic diploma signed by the An-shu couple and you. You may not create your own diplomas. You also may not choose to not give out diplomas. Order diplomas from the Hombu. We’ll even give you a template for printing out each kyu diploma. Black Belt dan diplomas are custom produced, one by one, for your students by the Hombu.

Subscribe to NinjaSelfDefense.com at Advanced Level
Take advantage of basic and advanced lessons. Do not just guess what you are required to do for your next rank. You will also receive a subscription to our monthly Ninja Now newsletter. NinjaSelfDefense.com is your connection to us. Sign up today.

Get your students to subscribe to NinjaSelfDefense.com or at least register as a To-Shin Do practitioner
NinjaSelfDefense.com is your students’ connection to us. At a minimum, they will want to sign up as a To-Shin Do member ($25 per year) and receive our regular Ninja Now newsletters.

Attend fall Festival and Black Belt weekends
As a minimum, you will want to take advantage of fall Festival and Black Belt weekends to gain important insights towards your own growth. Many of our advanced belt students also travel around the country to attend additional seminars with An-shu Hayes. Obviously, if you are not yet Black Belt rank but run a club teaching To-Shin Do, you will not attend the Black Belt events.

Register with “Bold Look” as an affiliate of Stephen K. Hayes’ Quest Center
All of the logos we use are official legal trademarks owned by SKH Quest. We pay thousands of dollars to register and protect them. They may not be used without prior written consent and agreed licensing fees. Bold Look has been contracted to make our suits, print our shirts, and supply our belts for all To-Shin Do practitioners. You can get embroidered or screen printed suits with either the Quest Center logo or a To-Shin Do logo. Phone Madelin and tell her you have been given the right to order by SKH Quest Hombu Dojo and ask to set up an account.

The Bold Look
6721 NW 36 Ave
Miami, FL 33147
Contact: Madelin Castillo 800 230-2653 ext. 422

If you wish to use another supplier or your own local printer, you may pay the Hombu a 10% of wholesale cost for each item that bears the Quest name, Quest circled action figure, To-Shin Do name or kanji, or the circle-and-star To-Shin Do logo.

Teaching To-Shin Do on-line is not permitted
That is why we have NinjaSelfDefense.com. Get your students to subscribe. However, it is OK to feature your To-Shin Do demos on the web (…brief couple of seconds bursts of technique showing off for an appreciative crowd, but not teaching our curriculum material).

We do not use any written teaching agreement, operating solely on the honor system.

You honor us with your word you will observe the above considerations.

We honor you with the right to teach and represent To-Shin Do.

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