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Small Steps, Big Progress

One quick tip I always give out whenever anyone asks me about solo training is to break things down into small pieces. The smaller and more specific the better. For example, instead of thinking about working on a stomp kick, think about contacting with the correct part of the foot. Or concentrate on where balance needs to be to deliver the kick without shifting weight first. Or focus on dropping your weight into the kick.

The smaller and more specific you can make it, the easier it is to drill if you’re working out on your own. And usually the easier it is to recognize growth. Some things require a training partner, of course. And certainly you want to put all the pieces together into the big picture. But often trying to work too much on the big concepts leads to unfocused training and slow growth. Smaller, more specific training steps lead to faster, greater growth, as backward as that may sound.

Let your direct teacher help keep you on track in terms of the best focus for your personal goals and skill level. But try looking for the small things to drill when you aren’t able to get in and train in person. You’ll be surprised at the pay off down the road.

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