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REPRINT: To-Shin Do Club and School Requirements

In case you missed this important information from last month it is being reprinted again.

Licensed Instructors, we have very few requirements governing your participation as head of a To-Shin Do club or school. The following are not new points. Most people have been observing these for years. But it might be good to state them once again just to be clear.

As a licensed instructor, are you familiar with and observing the following 6 guidelines?

Teach our curriculum

Be sure you have the latest version of our curriculum from the Hombu. Teach all classes from that. There is no need to “write your own curriculum”. We at the Hombu especially follow Level 1 curriculum by giving every new member a copy of the book The Ninja Defense with its 12 fights with a partner and with striking pads.

Use our belt system of colors

From White Belt to 8th Degree Black Belt, we have a set way to progress. Be sure to follow our lead. There is no need to design your own belt color system. The belt colors reflect the 5 elements, and have been designed on purpose.

Award our diplomas

Every student gets an authentic diploma signed by the An-shu couple and you. You may not create your own diplomas. You may not just choose to not give out diplomas. Order diplomas from the Hombu. We’ll even give you a template for printing out each diploma.

Subscribe to NinjaSelfDefense.com at Advanced Level

Take advantage of basic and advanced lessons. Do not just guess what you are required to do for your next rank. NinjaSelfDefense.com is your connection to us.

Attend fall Festival and April Black Belt weekends

As a minimum, you will want to take advantage of fall Festival and April Black Belt weekend to gain important insights towards your own growth. Many of our advanced belt students also travel around the country to attend additional seminars with An-shu Hayes. Obviously, if you are not yet Black Belt rank but are running a club teaching To-Shin Do, you will not attend the April event.

Have a Shihan or An-shu take responsibility for your advancement

You must have a community connection for your club and your own advancement in To-Shin Do. We do not want you to exist on your own out there in the world. You might have a higher ranked friend who assists you to grow and advance, but when it comes to progressing through the ranks, you will want to take Skype lessons and be cleared to graduate by a Shihan or An-shu.

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