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Resolutions Or Plans?

For many years just like most people I would make resolutions for the new year. Things like try to eat better, lose weight or get more sleep. All of which are excellent ideas but they usually fell by the wayside as the year progressed. In recent years I have given up resolutions and instead made specific plans based on cause and effect.

Studying cause and effect allows me to let go of disappointment and frustration with the perceived failure of my resolutions. Instead I look at my goals, for example we want to grow the student base at the school this year. The question is how?

Well we have studied over the last year what worked and didn’t work to bring students in so we have a good handle on the projects that need to be done. We line all these projects up and then figure out what has to happen or be done and in what order for each to succeed. What the cause of each successful effect we want is so we can plan.

This as you can imagine gives us quite a To Do list but we don’t call it that anymore because looking at it that way can be overwhelming. We look at it more as a holding pen for our actions. Then each day we take only one or maybe two but no more out and that becomes our action for the day. It may not seem like much but with the understanding of cause and effect we know that the one action we complete today will lead eventually to the desired effect.

Try it this year, forgo the resolution that will be forgotten in a month and pick a target instead. Work backwards to figure out all the steps to get there. Then take action each day.

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