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To-Shin Do Membership Benefits

Hello Friends of To-Shin Do.

If you are receiving this email you are either a To-Shin Do Member or subscriber to NinjaSelfDefense.com and have access to a wide range of training material and information. We wanted to make sure you knew how to access some of your benefits.

The To-Shin Do Members Page can keep you up to date with what is happening in the organization. It is also a place to go to print our your To-Shin Do Membership card, which you will need when testing for your next rank.

To access the To-Shin Do Members Page (and NinjaSelfDefense.com courses lessons if you are a subscriber) please visit http://ninjaselfdefense.com/member-login/

To find out more about To-Shin Do, including the history of the martial art and its ranks, please visit

Ready to test? Find out how by visiting http://new.ninjaselfdefense.com/member-benefits/to-shin-do-evaluation-options/

If you need to make changes to your user profile please visit http://new.ninjaselfdefense.com/member-profile/

If you need assistance, there are answers to our most frequently-asked questions here: http://ninjaselfdefense.com/contact-us/

Or you can contact us at support@ninjaselfdefense.com

As a To-Shin Do member you can join in the discussion at our private Facebook group located here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/39498043007/ The first time you visit that group, just request membership and one of our Ninja Support Team will add you as soon as they can.

If you are not already a subscriber to NinjaSelfDefense.com and would like to find out how you can train with Stephen K. Hayes and his Shihan Kai online any time you want, just click here and you will receive information and free video lessons.

For those of you who are already subscribers to NinjaSelfDefense.com we are adding new courses and training opportunities all the time. We will be inviting you to evolve with us as we continue to expand the range and scope of our programs. From time to time we will specifically ask for your input on new courses and information you would like to have access to.

Those of us who have spent decades on this path and have devoted our lives to the study and practice of the Ninja approach to a life well-lived are honored and excited to share this journey with you.

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