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Submerge and Capture – Moguri Dori

This is a powerful example of setting a trap for your opponent and springing to victory right when they are sure that you are beaten. Rich with valuable and easy-to-grasp lessons, Master Russo first interprets the historic kata form and then quickly adjusts for a more modern attack. Several drills for proper angling, counter-striking, and successful execution of technique are included. Full understanding of this kata is required for a third degree Black Belt in To-Shin Do.


The Concept

Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

In this first part of the lesson Master Russo will begin with an interpretation of the historical kata. He will then guide you carefully through application of the kata principles and techniques as a response to modern day skilled attacker who knows how to throw effective punch combinations, more common now with the MMA influence […]


Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

This section details various striking, counter-striking, and throwing/take-down drills. These are presented in Master Russo’s trademark no-nonsense teaching style in clear and understandable detail. Featured is a uniquely powerful and deceptive form of a rear hip throw. This technique is a must have for your personal arsenal. For more on this see the essential rear […]


Author: Mark Sentoshi Russo

In this final part of the lesson several modern variations are taught. Variations in the timing of “springing the trap” are explored. In addition, Master Russo covers different methods for take down and throw “finishers.” Fantastic material, clearly presented for your skill improvement. To access this content, you must purchase To-Shin Do Training Subscription – […]

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