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Seated Defenses

Ready and on our feet is the ideal place to be in a self-defense situation. However, life is good at throwing challenges at us at less than ideal times. This course deals with having to defend ourselves before we can get to our preferred position. The first lessons are making sure we are in the best place, the best posture, so we can get up quickly, hopefully before a conflict ever begins. Then James Kentoshi Norris goes through a series of examples of how we can win, even from a seated position.

Techniques start with our To-Shin Do kihon fundamentals, though the mechanics may look different than when standing up. Then some black belt concepts are added and scenarios with tables and benches are shown. Some examples demonstrate how to get up and away from the tables and benches quickly, and other examples incorporate them in the techniques. Effective self-defense often means seeing our surroundings as part of the solution, not just part of the problem! A very advanced rolling skill, rolling backward out of a chair, is also taught.

After going through this course, you’ll feel more comfortable dealing with seated defenses, but you’ll also have an appreciation for the challenge of defending from a chair and want to revisit the first lessons a few more times … to be sure you’re ready to get to your feet before a problem ever starts!


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