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Summer, Here We Come!

Summer starts June 21st, and we’re working hard to make sure everyone has lots of new online training to keep them busy as we head towards Fall Festival. In May we launched two courses, a seminar called “Cover Creates Control” by Shihan Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney, and a new course called “Exploring Gyaku Nage” by Shihan Mark Sentoshi Russo.

We have some truly great stuff – brand new courses from several authors, as well as bringing back several of the old classics – headed your way in June and July! I can’t say more right now, but please stay tuned for our email announcements as these are released.

On a personal note I wanted to say that I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Shihan James Kentoshi Norris and Johanna Meitoshi Norris’ new school in Cincinnati last week and what a jaw-droppingly beautiful school this is. I encourage anyone who can stop by to do so. The sense of taste, craftsmanship and beauty combined with its wonderful energy shouldn’t be missed. And if you’re lucky like I was, you’ll be able to meet the newest White Belt in the Norris family.

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