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Secret of Focus – Danshari

An-shu Rumiko and I have been exploring the Japanese concept of Danshari for several years now. Dan-sha-ri could be defined as Dan for “Cut (select, refuse)”, Sha is “Discard, let go”, and Ri is “Liberate, lift up.” “Discern, select, liberate”.

Danshari is the process of arranging our homes, workspaces, dojos, cars, and relationships to where we are the opposite of cluttered and overstuffed with things that no longer even get our attention. One of my favorite sayings is, “My home has become a power spot.” Like a Japanese Zen temple, everything that is there serves a definitive purpose, and there is nothing extra and unappreciated lying about.

Danshari is totally congruent with our ninja taijutsu. Instead of memorizing lots of new techniques, To-Shin Do is more about letting go of all the unnecessary actions. You return to naturalness, letting go of things that actually get in the way of a pared back simplified response to angry or malicious attacks from disturbed attackers. Like our taijutsu, we use the danshari concept to pare back our life to only what is desired and needed.

Here’s a way to begin your practice. Start with something simple, like a small junk drawer. Take out everything. Dust it out. Then really look at everything, and decide to keep only what you need. Return only what will serve you. If you do it thoughtfully, that drawer will look a lot different.

Now you are one step closer to liberation. You are lighter. There is one thing less holding you back. You can see with clearer intentions, instead of overlooking or forcefully ignoring the chaos that was there before. You are blessed with a little more peace of mind.

Now keep it going…

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  1. Bill West February 1, 2023 at 4:48 pm #

    Absolutely 💯 Truth…..

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