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Radiating Inspiration

Martial arts masters who share the gift of inspiration with us radiate something we feel in their presence: We pick up a quality in them that resonates within ourselves. They are what we want to be. We recognize their high spiritual energy, which we long to have active in our life.

When we meet a true martial arts master, we are tuned in to the following qualities:
They are jubilant about the work they do and the gift they bring.
They are happy and at peace with themselves.
Their skills go beyond physical techniques of hurting other people.
They appear to be kind and encouraging rather than judgmental.
They are confident (without being arrogant).
They are above common arguments and political stands; they see the bigger enemy.
They listen rather than lecture.
They are students as well as teachers.
They express realistic rational humility; they seem to have lost their ego.
They are approachable.
They take pleasure in serving others.
They are open to new ideas beyond what they already know.

These qualities determine whether a so-called master is potentially an inspiring influence in our life. You are investing your life in your study. Be sure that your teacher is worthy of you!

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