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Olympic Eye-Opener

Like many of you I am a fan of the magnificence of the Olympics. The athleticism and single-pointed dedication never cease to inspire me. As I watched ski champion Lindsey Vonn do her final Olympic ski run I was moved almost to tears as she spoke about this pivotal moment in her life. She was beside herself at the thought that this was it, her last Olympic run.

As I watched this phenomenal athlete struggle through her tears it was very hard to hear her come face to face with the end of this all-consuming era of her life. “I’ve worked my butt off … I really love this … but my body just can’t take another four years.” It was positively heart breaking. The dedication, perseverance and sacrifice are impossible for most people to even imagine.

I thought to myself, “Thirty-three years old and now out of the game that has driven her very existence. Wow!” True for many athletes I suppose.

Now, I have no doubt that an athlete of that caliber will figure out how to move on in a meaningful and gratifying way. She has a lot to offer those who would follow her path.

The eye opener for me was this. Here I am at 60. I have had numerous difficult injuries and health challenges. How fortunate I am to have been afforded the opportunity to dedicate my life to something that I can continue to pursue and advance in for many years to come. I do not have to throw in the towel.

I invite you to take a moment to be grateful that you have found this path that offers you so much and is not dependent upon athleticism, youth, and superior genetics. You have chosen well, keep going!

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