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Clear Goals

With the new year many people are making resolutions and setting goals for 2018. This thought reminded me of a conversation I overheard at festival this year right before the fire ceremony. Someone was asked if they were going to put a stick in the fire and their response was no because they had done them in years past and nothing happened.

When you write your goal on the stick to put in the fire you are told to think of a clearly defined goal. Unfortunately most people skip over the word clearly and go right to goals. The problem with this is it takes us out of ‘now’ this moment of potential to take action. Goals obviously exist in the future but become just wishes or desires if they are not clearly seen and then acted upon.

A goal may start as a wish for a future state but to reach it you have to be clear about what YOU have to do. You have to visualize backwards to see all the things that have to happen for that goal to become a reality and you have to keep clearly visualizing these things all the way back to ‘now’. Because to reach that future state of being you have to take the first steps to achieve it ‘now’ and when that is done you look at what has to happen ‘now’ to get to the next step and onward until you reach your goal.

You have the power to reach any goal if you are clear about what YOU have to do to achieve it. Otherwise it’s just a wish that goes up in smoke.

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