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A Secret Tip from our Ancestors

Get out of the dojo and into nature now and then. No healthier way to discharge pent-up energies. The mind-body throws off its excess energies spontaneously when you remove yourself from the artificial confines of your everyday world. Find a green open space, an expansive view of sky and clouds, a lungful of pure air. Watch the sunset and gaze at the moon and stars.

Sounds humble, and you are likely to reply, “Sure. I’ll do that someday when I have time…” But you have to (you “get to”) make time. Even a few minutes each day.

When you drink in nature through your senses, an invisible connection is strengthened. However you can manage it, capture at least a few moments of freshness and feel the nourishing touch of earth, sun, and sky.

A Tip From our Ancestors

It’s how our ninja ancestors used to train, before we had indoor dedicated dojos. Try it?

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