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From “…The Cold Moon”

Here is a New Year’s Extra from An-shu Hayes and NinjaSelfDefense.com. A short excerpt from Wisdom from the Ninja Village of The Cold Moon

Despite the love you feel
and the joy you radiate
there are those misguided persons in the world
who would see you harmed.
They will confront you with fists
or await you in the darkness with blades drawn.
Do not fear them
or become angry with them.
Allow your heart to hold the emptiness of purity.
Your receptive spirit will hear the sadness and rage
of your attackers’ intentions
and your body will flow
with the winds of their hatred.
You will take them to the destruction they seek.
And as the dust settles
and the blood dries
do not let your own joy decrease
nor find the world any less beautiful
simply because some persons refuse to see you
with eyes that love.

Wisdom from the Ninja Village of the Cold Moon, by Stephen K. Hayes. Now available on Amazon for Kindle devices.

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