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Elemental Taijutsu Seminar

The five elements, earth, water, fire, wind, and void are generally used in To-Shin Do as emotional energetic strategies of defense. They are a coding or labeling system to describe our different base fighting strategies which take into consideration your emotional state in a conflict and how that affects you and your defensive capabilities. An extremely effective system for teaching self-defense these elemental labels are not restricted to this only.

In their culture of origin they can act like a counting system or if you will a filing system for whatever necessary. Over the many years of my training in this art I have seen the elements used to order survival skills, first-aid skills, and taijutsu skills.

It is this last use, taijutsu skills, that we will be using the five elements for in this course.

  • Earth – Body Structure and Basic Movement
  • Water – Alignment and Balance
  • Fire – Focus and Timing
  • Wind – Evasion and Disengaging
  • Void – Controlling Space and Your Opponent

This course is about the underlying taijutsu classified by each element that makes using the five elemental fighting strategies possible.


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