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Secret Winning Power Within

I was talking with a student recently who expressed some pretty conventional negative thoughts about how her life had gone from childhood. Somewhat unhappy relationship with parents. Managed to graduate high school. OK but not super marriage. Picked up a little weight that will not come off easily. It was a sad but normal take on resigned helplessness in life.

Can you identify with her? The usual everyday outside world has dulled her into seeing herself as just another ordinary being, struggling in hopes to find better things and get rid of painful situations. Dull sleepwalk living has quietly tricked her into believing she is only what others tell her and only what she thinks she sees in the mirror?

We are utterly convinced of our ineptitude, negative thoughts, and likelihood to get it wrong most of the time. We roll our eyes and shake our head at the ridiculous things we find ourselves doing. But we are certain that not living up to our potential is normal, and too complicated to do anything about.

But the secret truth is deeper and more profound. Way down in your core lives a powerful, innate intelligence waiting to be discovered. I truly believe this. We are brought into life with tremendous potential. We have a path to discover, a path leading us to find our gift to the world, the song we are meant to sing.

This infinite inner intelligence knows:

  • what you are here to do, be, and create in the world
  • the blueprint to guide you to achieve your dreams
  • which obstacles to overcome…if you listen to it
  • your highest and best interest at all times

This intelligence is your innermost core essence. It is everyone’s essence; everyone is gifted with this knowing. You do not have to “get” or obtain anything from the outside. It is there inside of each of us. We just have to clear away the external clutter that hides it from ourselves.

Everyone has this deep potential. It is just waiting for you to wake up, truly open your eyes, and tap into it. Only thing is… the vast number of people never awaken to their inner knowing. This inner brightness stays dormant. They never sing their song. And so, on they stumble through life.

Make a promise to use your To-Shin Do exploration to really question how you go about things, how you go about your life. Clear out the useless and focus on what generates results. Strip down your actions and keep your eyes focused on your true potential.

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