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Secrets to Transforming Fear

What is the biggest enemy we face?

It may be fear.

Fear that you will not know the right thing to do in an emergency.
Fear that an enemy might have more fierceness, more determination, more techniques, more toughness, and more experience than you.
Fear that you will not live up to your own expectations for yourself.
Fear that you might be wrong.
Fear that your associates might not have your best interests in mind.
Fear that you are secretly sabotaging yourself, out of fear of success.
Fear that people do not approve of you.
Fear that you have made wrong choices.
Fear that you just do not have “what it takes”.

Fear is what holds us back from trying new things – from climbing higher on the ladder of success, developing vibrant health, discovering authentic love, and achieving a fulfilling purpose in life.

What if our greatest challenge in life is fear itself? How do we reverse fear, and take on a life of honest confidence and the ability to accomplish what we want? What would be a reasonable approach to taking on the job of replacing fear with security?

I think that is one of the most impressive aspects of training in To-Shin Do. You have a curriculum that is designed to expose you to the most common threats that a person can experience at the hands of an adversary. You have simple reflexive responses taught as counters to those common assaults. You explore a set of reasonable ethical standards, reassuring you of a vibrant and proper way to live. As your skill builds day by day, you are introduced to the four elements of reflexive decision making in conflict or confrontation. You learn how previous weaknesses and fears can be transformed into powers. You find your strengths (and learn to move dispassionately around your insecurities). The days become months. The months become years. You may not even notice it, but with an aware mind, you can see yourself growing stronger, calmer under pressure, freer in your healthy responses to life’s challenges and adventures, and more knowledgeable of how other people behave.

Start with fear, gradually and gently replace it, and end up with warm and easy confidence. It is the To-Shin Do way.

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