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Order and Chaos

What if martial arts training is really an interactive experience of order and chaos?

When there is an imbalance, there is less than effective training.

You need to have order — the discipline, respect, and intelligently paced learning.

You also need the chaos — free testing, the “try it outs”, and “what ifs”.

When you go to a traditional martial arts dojo, there could be too much order, and not enough chaos.

  • Too many static poses.
  • Old-time training; no consideration for what people are doing on the streets right now.
  • Not enough practice at real speed and broken timing to see if what will actually work.

If you go to an MMA gym, there could be too much chaos, and not enough order.

  • Too many raging ego tough guys.
  • No consistent drill of the basics; what makes the martial art work in the streets.
  • No real respect for traditional warrior protector values.

I think the best way to approach the martial arts is to have an absolute balance of the two — order and chaos. To-Shin Do looks for a perfect blending of the two — the reassurance of order and the excitement of chaos.

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