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Fire Preemptive Attack

In a third possibility, Hi no Kata fire element dynamics are the energy of committed intensity and focus. You learn to recognize a problem as it builds. You intercept at just the right moment.

Theme – Clinging becomes desire which leads to energy

The fire influence shows up as the magnetic power of energy, artistry, relationship, and communication. The fire element reminds us of how good it feels to be connected with our world as a participant, and manifests as the enjoyment-oriented personality.

The primary fire motivation is the need for interconnection between self and others. We all want to be noticed. We want the world to know who we are. We want to tell our story and have it heard. We want to be recognized, acknowledged, respected, appreciated, and loved by others, and we want to express our respect, admiration, affection, and love for others.

The fire influence produces friendly or outgoing people who measure themselves against external considerations. People influenced by fire are moved by trends and fashion, but seldom take control and make their own statements going against consensus. In its most positive manifestation, this is a compassionate personality able to empathize and communicate effectively and even artistically with others. People under the fire influence are animated with an intensity of assertiveness and exuberance. They are warm, dynamic, and expansive, using their reasoning powers to control their environment. This is not necessarily a hostile aggressiveness in the sense of needing to dominate, but more of using one’s will to succeed and enjoy that success.

Positive Fire (“Communicator Artist”)

Positive fire influence produces the artist, the communicator, the lover, or the charismatic leader who attracts followers naturally just by being an attractive person associated with all that others desire or hope for. Fire people pull others into interaction, make others feel good, and are good responsive listeners. Their enthusiasm and animation add excitement or entertainment wherever they go.

Positive fire sometimes produces what is referred to as star quality. As lovers they are addictive. As artists they are captivating. As political figures they are exhilarating. As entertainers they are irresistible. Dynamic performers and speakers and sports stars know how to capture an audience by means of engaging the magnetically seductive power of the fire element.

The positive orientation of energetic passion for connection becomes a form of wisdom in which discriminating awareness just naturally sees precisely the specific characteristics and values of each thing encountered, and knows how to put them to work judiciously in prompting along to fruition that which must be. Engaging, entertaining, warm, and charismatic would be words typically used by others in describing a “positive fire” person.

Negative Fire (“Defeatist” and “Performer”)

In its most negative form, fire element influence results in a desperately passionate personality driven for acknowledgement from all others, even seeing others’ approval as the only key to happiness. Personal worth and self-esteem are tied to external appearance and social status, resulting in a surface involvement in any situation. Some people are so consumed by what other people think that they find it impossible to follow their true calling. With no core identity, everything becomes a reflection of external fads and values. Shallow, aggressive, seductive, and flighty are words typically used to describe a “negative fire” type.

Weak negative fire influence produces an overly needy desperately clingy personality who radiates, “I can’t make it without you.” Weak negative fire can also result in a self-conscious self-defeatist who gives up on ever getting what he craves, and talks himself out of even trying. Zealots crusade with fiery passion against the very thing that tempts them with what they fear they will never get.

Strong negative fire is characterized by the aggressively showy personality who is always “on” and can never relax or be at peace. “If I am not the center of attention, then I’m not happy,” sums up this outlook. Without a balanced sense of inner worth, these people can easily burn out way ahead of their time. This is typical of the egotistical entertainment superstar who gains too much success too fast, loses all sense of self, and ends up dead from alcohol or drugs.

As a limitation, the fire influenced personality can easily get caught up in relating only to that which is stimulating. The pizza is never spicy enough, the Ferrari never red enough, the music never loud enough, the lovers never sexy enough. We can so passionately chase possessing to where our compulsive desire spots new targets so fast that we never stop to enjoy what we get.

Negative Expression → → Positive Expression
Attention-seeking → → Self-disclosing
Desperate → → Intensely alive
Greedy → → Unrestrained
Distracted → → In touch with others
Superficial → → Entertaining

The mandala symbol for the fire element is the lotus blossom, born of murky water but blooming to bright sunlight, symbolizing the ideal of compassionate connection reaching out. In Western symbolism, fire element icons might be the red rose or red Valentine heart. Fire influence is further symbolized by the color sunset red and placed in the west in relation to the other elements.

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