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Lighten Your Load

New year, new journey. As 2017 slips into the realm of memory it is the perfect time to practice clearing mental and emotional space to free up energy for the road ahead. It is so easy to find ourselves clinging to the past by way of both positive and negative memories.

While positive memories can provide some pleasurable moments from time to time, they can still disguise the thief of the past. If we are not careful we can become seduced into detrimental comparison, always referring to when things were better. In this way the thief of the past can literally rob us of our energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that belongs in the current moment; in the here and now. Not to mention the fact that it has been proven time and time again that memory is notoriously unreliable. As humans we always seem to embellish, exaggerate, and confuse the facts, depending on our perspective on a recalled experience.

Negative memories are the thief of the past in all its glory, casting its dark shadow of pain, fear, and anger, contaminating our present (the gift of the current moment) and crippling our future. Feeding energy to negative memories can only produce more of the same, negative energy. The anger, fear and pain of such memories damage us can damage us more than we may realize. Energy is energy and it can make us feel more alive. Engaging negative energy for the sake of a sense of vitality will always come with a cost, often more than you were willing to pay.

As the sun rises on your new year take inventory and see if there are any memories that may have become unwanted residents in the mansion of your mind. Some of them may be very difficult to evict. Do your best to starve them out. If there are people you need to forgive in order to close the door, do your best to do so; especially if it is yourself you need to forgive.

Greet the sunrise of the New Year with a clear mind and a strong heart. Keep your sword of awareness sharp, polished and at the ready as defense against the thief of the past, he is always lurking in the shadows.

Happy and healthy New Year to all!

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