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I Get to Do This

How often do we find ourselves griping about necessary tasks in our lives that should or must be done? If you are like most people, the answer is – far more often than you would like. Or, worse yet, you continue to procrastinate and avoid getting things done. Of course, some part of your mind knows this will likely result in more stress and strife. Then we have the brilliance to gripe about these compounding difficulties (typically manufacturing some creative way of blaming something or someone else). Great plan, right?

Well, I am as human as you and I find myself drifting down this slippery slope at times. So let me share with you an experience that altered my thinking and gave me a powerful weapon to wield against this insidious foe.

A very good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer nearly a year ago. He is now going through his second round of chemotherapy. It has been very difficult to watch. He was incredibly fit and active. He has lost over thirty-five pounds and looks quite frail. Though he has confided that there have been some nearly insurmountable moments his attitude has been remarkable. So I asked him how he does it.

“This has opened my eyes to the fact that every single day is precious. Like everyone else, I have been seduced by the abundance and ease of life we typically enjoy. I found myself unwittingly chasing and worrying about things that don’t really matter one iota. So now when I am faced with a task or a chore I no longer say to myself ‘I have to get this done’ I have changed my language to ‘I get to do this.’”

I thought about his words repeatedly for the rest of that day. I now use this powerful tool nearly every day. The next time you find yourself complaining about exercising, making healthy food choices, getting chores done, doing what you must to make a living, etc., I invite you to adopt this powerful phrase. It will change your world.

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