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How Your Beliefs Affect The Outcome Of Your Life

We all believe in something. We’d like to think our beliefs are based on “rational thought.” But truth is we more often act out what we believe instead of what we know.

Some of our beliefs are so iron-clad they turn into inflexible conclusions about life. This is especially true if they were unconsciously imprinted on us as children. The problem is that most people never re-examine the map of life they drew when they were children. Stuck with old untested beliefs!

Beliefs are strong opinions that filter our view of everything. The problem is we get used to these filters and forget we have them on. We believe the way we see things is the way it is. Of course that may not always be the case. We may be making the whole thing up as we go.

If we’re making this up as we go anyway, you might as well believe you will get what you need, you will learn the proper way how, and you will meet trusted friends along the way.

Believe in yourself. (Know anyone who does not believe in him- or herself, who figures that life is all about luck or privilege, and they got dealt out?).

Believe in what you’re studying. (Know anyone who is trapped in a rut, doing or pursuing pointless endeavors for unknown or forgotten reasons?)

Believe in your teachers. (Know anyone who trusted the wrong people in the past, and now trusts no one?)

Eventually, we move away from practicing a belief into full knowing — the knowing that comes from believing in something firmly, and the wisdom that comes from the experience of testing those beliefs in the real world.

But it starts with taking a risk, doing an assessment, and deciding it is OK to believe. Such is your introduction to To-Shin Do.

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