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Let It Go

For the past year, An-shu Rumiko has enjoyed a connection to the Japanese concept of Danshari – willfully and deliberately letting go of things that no longer serve you. We are enjoying our progressively “zenified” home and dojo.

Want to bring abundance into your life? First let go of no-longer-needed stuff. Get rid of the collection of old things cluttering your closets, garage, office, or spare room. Let go of those things you have not touched for years. You do not need them anymore. Give things away to where those items might enrich someone else’s life.

Want to replace unhealthy habits with practices that promote vibrant living? Do not just slap a bunch of new ideas onto what you’ve always done. Let those old habits go. Take time to closely examine your beliefs and decide why you started doing those things in the first place.

Want to bring vibrant new relationships into your life? First create room for new people. Let go of those relationships that no longer serve you. Think about all the people you spend time with out of sheer obligation or guilt. Spend time instead with people who excite you and who encourage you to grow.

Want to reach new heights in your profession? Let go of all those tasks you do because you feel you have to. Delegate them. Let go of everything you absolutely hate – you’re probably not very good at those things anyway. Release them so you can focus on the tasks you are truly great at, where you bring something unique to the world.

Clean the collected clutter out of your life. When you create new space, new opportunities you never imagined will rush in to fill that space.

Make some quiet time this evening. Write half a page answering the question: “What could I do now to move towards the ideal, simple, straightforward, happy, less-stress good life for me?”

Examine each aspect of your life consciously and deliberately. Then like we do with our taijutsu, begin removing all non-essential elements so you end up with a refined and perfect life setting.

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