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You Are Changing as a Human Being

Have you noticed how negative and nasty Facebook can be? Sure, some people put up inspiring or hopeful material. But look at how many are there solely to express their anger at life or other people, relate negative experiences in their days, or criticize and pick apart otherwise happy people. Hard to remain positive, isn’t it? Tempting to get enmeshed with arguments and “telling everyone how you feel”, isn’t it?

A harsh reality is that most people out there do not want to see you advance and grow. The average person – even people who claim to be your friends – will try to hold you down, ridicule your aspirations, and shame you into backing off.

That’s an important point where a good Quest Center dojo or NinjaSelfDefense.com comes in. You move into a new realm of friends who will cheer your successes and celebrate your advances. Set your life up to spend time with people of high moral quality, those you seek to emulate, those that provide good examples. Be clear about who is right for your life.

Take encouragement to make the right decisions in your relationships.

  1. Find new friends that support your interests, goals, and dreams. Look for them at the dojo or at Festival, online, in community activities, and through your work. This is a crucial step! Actively be on the lookout.
  2. Share your big goals and dreams with only the most positive and supportive people from this group. Cultivate these people. These are the ones who will go out of their way to help you gain what you want in life. It’s just an automatic action that stems from their good nature.
  3. As for old friends, you can stay in touch, but do not share your goals and dreams with them. Do not let them get ahold of your vision. Likewise, it’s best to not give them advice or try to convert them to inspired living. Enjoy the connection with old friends, but recognize there is likely to be a bottom percent that actively seek to interfere with your ambitions. Those folks must be let go from your life. People that laugh at your dreams, sabotage your dedicated work, or try to pull you back into old, destructive habits, simply do not serve a purpose in your life’s new grand plan. You are changing as a human being through your experiences at the dojo. Wish them well, but do not share your time with them.
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