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Master, Mirror, Mentor

The Warrior Path is an amazing journey. Can you remember that moment when you knew you were in for keeps, intensely committed to the path for whatever number of years it would take? You saw the martial arts as a part of who you are. Your motivations for training were far deeper and more intensely personal than any of the reasons that brought you to the martial arts in the first place?

Sometimes we need to stop and do a systems check to make sure our compass is still pointing us in the right direction. With so many distractions in the world, it’s easy to lose track of the overall picture. Here’s a powerful guideline you can use to see if you’re on the path of growth or one of stagnation.

The essence of the teaching is this: In order to truly thrive in this life we each need:
1. A teacher – 2. A co-conspirator or partner – 3. A student to teach.

Master: Even great champions need coaches. The wise individual is always a student of something. The most effective way to keep your brain young and sharp is to continue learning and transforming.

Mirror: Use the buddy system to reflect on your challenges and advances. When we’re trying to implement new knowledge we’re absorbing every day, having a respected peer group to hold us accountable and function as a sounding board is priceless.

Mentor: Mastering the basics is the most important part, and there is no better way to revisit your basics than teaching others. When we’re in a mentoring role we find ourself flooded with fresh new ideas and strategies we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

This time tested trio can be viewed as a sacred dance with our past, present, and future. We need to know where we came from to know where we’re going. We need to be supported where we are now, or we’ll get lost when we seek our future. Strive to live all three roles as part of your Warrior Path.

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