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Advanced Self Protection

Sneaky ninja timing, leverage, and angling to win against the odds

Advanced Self-Protection builds on the success-generation principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger, and capacity to respond effectively that you learned in Foundations of Self-Protection. Beyond grounded “earth-strong” stability and command, you now explore two more elemental possibilities.

Sui no Kata water element dynamics are the tactics of power and knowledge – the cool science of learning a secret for success and applying disciplined training to develop that secret into a skill. Learn to use strategic timing, distancing, and positioning to win over adversity, tactically shifting position whenever needed to facilitate a better angle on winning.

Hi no Kata fire element dynamics are the energies of committed intense focus – the razor edge of recognizing a problem as it builds, and intercepting at just the right moment. Learn to use split-second observation to generate explosive energy to jam an attacker with your timing, positioning, and leverage.

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Foundations of Self Protection

How to defend against the most common assaults on the street.

Foundations of Self Protection is designed to provide you with a grounding in effective physical, intellectual, and emotional self protection – and provide you with an exciting excursion into the potentials of empowering self development. You are starting a quest for knowledge and skill through the 5 elements of potential.

The Earth element theme is personal vision and strength. Your initial challenge is to build a foundation for growth, setting training habits and patterns to pave the way for the rest of your martial arts career. You will learn the to protect yourself from the twelve most common attacks on the street in today’s world, and practice this under pressure when you’re ready to.


An attacker pins you in place off balance with a jacket grab and punches to your face. Avoiding a struggle of strength, use your footwork to go around the outside of his strong arm for effective positioning to find his vulnerable ribs and fire off a piercing counter-attack.   Lesson 1   Step by Step […]


押 虚 O-Kyo “Shove Feint” An aggressor grabs your left lapel and right sleeve and twists you into place for a forward shoulder throw. In old Japan, the right arm was usually the more dangerous one, and so getting inside and taking control of the arm was a common goal in any form of hand-to-hand […]


弾 手 Dan-Shu “Bullet hand” Defense against sleeve grab and punch attack by going angularly off-line and capturing the adversary’s arm for a strike, kick, and wrist-lock take-down. Surprise the aggressor by moving with him to make his positioning his weakness. In a stand-off, an aggressor grabs your wrist or forearm or the cloth of […]


弾 指 Dan-Shi “Bullet Finger” Defense against lapel grab and punch attack by going angularly off-line and capturing the adversary’s arm for a strike, kick, and wristlock take-down. Surprise the aggressor by forcing him to reposition and create his weakness. An aggressor grabs the cloth of your shirt or jacket and uses that to pull […]


逆 流 Saka-Nagare “Reversing the flow” Defend against multiple punch and kick attack by going angularly off-line and capturing the adversary’s arm for a strike and wristlock take-down. Surprise the aggressor by snagging his attack to turn his moving limbs into his weakness. Practice riding an aggressor’s attacking movements as the means to create your […]


胴 返 Do-Gaeshi “Torso overthrow” Defense against kneeling torso punch or lapel grab – Going around the problem to affect a solution from the outside. Practice defending from a compromised sitting position and rising into a counterattack.   Lesson 1   Step-by-Step From seiza, with toes tucked under for support, the attacker advances with a […]


抗 抒 Ko-Yoku “Deny aggressor’s attack” Practice moving decisively into an aggressor’s attack at just the right moment. Move too soon, and he can retract his commitment and intercept you (or in a modern courtroom, you could be guilty of assault – “you started the fight!”). Move too late, and you will be fighting from […]


抒 投 Yoku-To “Attack Throw-Back” Practice making decisions under pressure. There may not be enough time to recognize his technique, so you need a quick response capable of handling many possibilities. You will know what he is throwing at you only as the attack unfolds. With minimal information as to what is coming, you have […]