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Advanced Self Protection

Sneaky ninja timing, leverage, and angling to win against the odds

Advanced Self-Protection builds on the success-generation principles of personal confidence, ability to recognize potential danger, and capacity to respond effectively that you learned in Foundations of Self-Protection. Beyond grounded “earth-strong” stability and command, you now explore two more elemental possibilities.

Sui no Kata water element dynamics are the tactics of power and knowledge – the cool science of learning a secret for success and applying disciplined training to develop that secret into a skill. Learn to use strategic timing, distancing, and positioning to win over adversity, tactically shifting position whenever needed to facilitate a better angle on winning.

Hi no Kata fire element dynamics are the energies of committed intense focus – the razor edge of recognizing a problem as it builds, and intercepting at just the right moment. Learn to use split-second observation to generate explosive energy to jam an attacker with your timing, positioning, and leverage.

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Fire Interception

Author: Stephen K. Hayes

The Concept The fire element deals with connection and timing. Connection to your environment and those around you (including attackers) is key. The more connected you are, the more you can use timing to your advantage.   Lesson 1 – Interception Just as the Earth element teaches us proper kamae (our own body’s proper structure) […]

Fire Jab Defense

Author: Stephen K. Hayes

Summary Building on the concept of interception from a previous lesson, the jab defense depends on your connection to your attacker and making sure you are moving your body. First, you need to get yourself safe from the punch. But the key to success after you’re safe is to position your body so your attacker […]

Fire Uppercut Defense

Author: Stephen K. Hayes

Summary The timing of this technique is critical. You are so connected with your attacker and the situation that you’re almost able to predict the future. The slightest body language of your attacker gives away the attack before it happens and you’re able to position your body and use your structure to disrupt the uppercut […]


Author: Stephen K. Hayes

Summary Use your superior positioning skills to sneak behind your attacker and facilitate their backwards fall to the ground.   Lesson 1   Step-By-Step Assailant reaches or punches around toward your chest with his left hand Deflect his left arm outward with a right push on the inside of his right forearm Push his right […]

Hon Gyaku Wrist Lock

Author: Stephen K. Hayes

Summary The hon-gyaku wrist lock, also sometimes called a “radial” wrist twist, can be excruciating. Learn how to apply this lock to an attacker to even the odds.     Step-by-Step Shift back with left foot and push right shoulder forward as attacker grabs with his right hand Tug on his right hand with your […]

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